Louise from The What Now Blog has written us a blog post all about de-cluttering your workspace & getting organised, which is perfect timing as we have just launched seven new collections exclusive to our three flagship stores in London, Manchester & Glasgow dedicated completely to the home office. More about the collections here, now over to Louise…

Make 2016 The Year That You Truly ‘Get Organised!’

Creating a beautiful, organised workspace that you love and that you actually want to work in can do wonders for your mindset and productivity. Clearing out the old and giving your space a revamp can offer a much-needed boost to daily motivation. It’s so easy to neglect our working environments in favour of the many deadlines and mountains of work that we often find ourselves buckling under. Yet with a bit of effort and the right tools to help, taking time to get work and life in order can yield hugely positive and satisfying results. With that in mind here are some of my personal tips for getting that unruly office back under your control. It’s time to take ownership of your space and make it work for you!


1. Out With The Old, It’s Time To Tidy That Desk:

Surrounding yourself with unnecessary clutter, too many fiddly bits and bobs, is a sure fire way to let the day and its distractions get on top of you. Personally I can’t stand a desktop crammed with pointless stuff unless it’s actually relevant to what I’m working on right there and then. Take time to sort through all the odds and ends that you have lying around your workspace. Clean out your desk-side drawers, get rid of anything that doesn’t work or is no longer of any use. For all of the important bits that you are left with, that you actually need, get yourself some useful storage, a pen-holder, desk tidy, whatever you need to make the space work better for you. Keep on top of the beautiful mess that often surrounds our daily working lives!

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2. Pack Away That Paperwork, File And File Again:

We may be fully submerged in the digital age but there are some things that still require a sheet of paper or two, especially in the workplace. From invoices and receipts that you’re yet to tackle, to contracts and proposals that need to be reviewed, try to avoid stacking up that paperwork without any thought to how you’re going to handle it later. Get on top of your filing now, highlight the important items with clips or notes for ease of retrieval at a later date, and have the rest tucked neatly out of sight for when you need it. Making the effort now will save you a lot of unwanted annoyance and headache later down the line.


3. Plan Your Day The Efficient Way:

Anyone who knows me well will tell you I’m a big believer in the power of the list. I love a list and I love planning out my day to make sure I don’t miss anything important. Getting everything out of my head and down on paper where I can see it and action accordingly really helps me to survive the hectic hustle and bustle of each working day, especially when I’ve got a multitude of tasks coming out of my ears and people asking me different questions from each and every angle. Though many may have tried, you just cannot beat the fail-safe, foolproof way of making a list to set up what you need to do for the day. Grabbing a notebook, list pad or daily desk planner to keep by your side for your organising pleasure is always going to be a good idea. It’s guaranteed to make your working life easier and will keep those many browsing tabs in your brain firmly under control!


4. Finally Get Your Finances On Track:

Money is a huge cause of stress for so many of us, especially after the festive season when we’re all tightening the purse strings and trying to make the very last penny stretch until pay day. The thing is, not facing your finances and burying your head in the sand only adds to your fears and frustrations. Why not make this the year that you actually tackle your finances head on. Be strict with yourself and keep track of what’s coming in and more importantly what’s going out. If you resolve to get into good habits early, the pain of dealing with money later down the line won’t seem quite so bad.


5. Take A Break, A Moment To Yourself:

 All of this uber organisation will definitely pay off throughout the year and just a little bit of time and effort can make such a difference in the long run. There is however one final thing I wanted to mention that’s also really important for making sure you have a productive working year. Be mindful to take care of YOU. Make sure you take regular breaks as and when you need them. Sitting at a desk all day does not a happy mind and body make. Take yourself away and switch off for short periods as and when you need to. Head out to the local coffee shop at lunch and unwind, read, forget about the workplace for half an hour or so. Maybe grab a notebook and write down your thoughts for the day or do a little mindless doodling! Just take a break from your screen, avoid the internet and enjoy being yourself in the moment, amidst the bustle of a hectic working day.


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Visit Louise’s blog. The What Now Blog a work and lifestyle focused blog providing insight and inspiration into the working world, plus fun and motivational ideas for life outside of the 9 to 5!

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